REPOST: Trans Woman Murdered in Oakland, Emergency Demo/Vigil Tonight at 8pm, 13th and Franklin PLEASE REPOST/SIGNAL BOOST

from Oakland Occupy Patriarchy:

“Brandi, a transwoman, was murdered last night, shot at 12th and Franklin in Downtown Oakland after an altercation with a man who became enraged and shot her when he realized she was trans. An amazing #oo comrade tried to keep her alive with training learned from the People’s Community Medics, but the cops walked away and the ambulance came too late”

Everyone please spread this as widely as possible and please show out tonight to stand up against transphobic violence!

No news stories yet on the situation but will try and keep this updated with info

Update @ 6:33: Mercury News has only this to say:

“The third death occurred at 5:45 a.m., when a person was shot to death at the corner of 13th and Franklin streets, a block from the Burger King where the Saturday incident occurred.

Police responding to reports of shots fired saw the person lying in the roadway, outside another restaurant that apparently had some of its windows shattered by gunfire. The shooting victim, whose name was not released, was pronounced dead at the scene.”

Source: NegationParty

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