Solidarity Sit-In On Monday

Here’s some photos I took of Stand Against Sit-Lie’s Monday action, a “sit-in” at Civic Center. The turn out could’ve been better but you couldn’t ask for a sweeter or more earnest group of people. The police presence was small, at least when I was there, and things stayed peaceful. I do hope more people get out for future actions.

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Asher Bauer is fast becoming a fixture in the San Francisco kink community, and intends to stay that way. He has worked as a Queer Educator at LYRIC (Lavender Youth Recreation And Information Center), and since has taken his talents as an educator to a wider variety of audiences, teaching on subjects ranging from safer sex to BDSM to trans and queer identities. He is also one of the hosts and originators of Transmission, the new trans-centric party at the San Francisco Citadel, and Invasion, the Citadel's all-genders queer party. View all posts by Asher

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