Panel on Postcapitalism, Prison Abolition, and Trans Women

Sunday, November 18th / 6:25 PM / CIIS- 1453 Mission St., San Francisco, Room 207 / Contact:

Trans P.o.C. Prison Abolitionist organization TGIJP(Transgender, Gender-Variant Intersex, Justice Organization) and Emmi Bevensee
will be holding a panel discussion followed by a community engagement around the intersections of colonialism, capitalism, and globalization with sex, gender, race, and sexuality. To focus on these topics we will be taking a critical lens towards the conditions of Transwomen in the Prison-Industrial Complex (PIC).

TGIJP-“TGI Justice Project is a group of transgender people—inside and outside of prison—creating a united family in the struggle for survival and freedom.

We work in collaboration with others to forge a culture of resistance and resilience to strengthen us for the fight against imprisonment, police violence, racism, poverty, and societal pressures. We seek to create a world rooted in self determination, freedom of expression, and gender justice.”



Source: Not Yr Cister Press 

Please forward far and wide!

Amazon, an anti-civilization trans insurgent associated with the Gender Anarky collective within the CA prison system, and her comrade Catarina LaPre are on the 8th day of hunger strike against the unfair treatment of trans women within R.J Donovan Correctional Facility in San Diego County.  Prison officials refuse to take Amazon and Cat off of single-cell status because of their gender identity.  A letter from Amazon states:

“this is an emergency letter about the situation with trans girls here… I’m trying to get off single-cell status here and cell up with cat.  my case worker was supposed to start the process two months ago but she’s a feminist and hating on us and don’t wanna do it.  so we went on hunger strike to force the issue.  we have been on a hunger strike since 9-21, didn’t eat dinner that day and have not eaten since.  this is day [eight at this point*]… they have been trying to get us to eat but we won’t.  today cat started started feeling fucked up and vomiting water…

so we need some direct action support in this, for the prison to double-cell me, and get on the phone to the warden here, warden paramo… regarding why they are discriminating against transwomen here…  Gender Anarky and militia goes to the oppressor in confrontation and leaves a hard mark.  so show these motherfuckers who are the bitches with the most.

Support Amazon and Cat!

Call Warden Paramo the Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility: (619) 661-6500

Demand that Eva Contreraz (C-45857)and Catarine LaPre (K-67313) be take off single-cell status and be allowed to share a cell.  Demand that an end to the dscriminatory housing policy against trans women in the correctional facility.


Gender Anarky has uncompromisingly attacked transphobic violence within the prison system, and have consistently called for directly attacking the systems of domination that the make living conditions of trans women, both inside and outside prison, a living hell.  Attack the institutions that maintain the miserable system of gender in solidarity with Gender Anarky and the continuing hunger strike.

Write to Amazon and Cat:

Let them know you support their struggle against the the prison administration.  They can be reached at:

Eva Contreraz C-45857
PO Box 799003 (C15-223)
San Diego, CA 92179-9003

Catarina LePre K-76313
PO Box 799003
San Diego, CA 92179-9003

Another Murder: R.I.P. Tiffany Gooden

This young trans person was only 19. She was found “a mere three blocks from where Paige Clay, another trans women, was found murdered in April.”

No words. Only rage for the killers, grief for Tiffany, and compassion for all who loved her.

SUPPORT LEVI: A Fundraiser for Levi Gammons to re-establish himself after incarceration


Levi’s Story

In the autumn of 2011, a man’s life was forever changed. A professional counselor with a love of surfing, he gave up everything he had in Florida to move and be with his new wife in Virginia. This woman then turned on him, not being able to bear the stigma of being partnered with a trans person. She completely and utterly abandoned him. The man was convicted of a felony. His crime? Being transgender. In the state of Virginia in a region known for being the mainstay of Evangelical fundamentalist Jerry Falwell, Levi Gammons was convicted to forgery of a marriage certificate. This was considered a FELONY. Despite having gone through the expensive and emotional process of medical and legal transition, he was still sentenced to five years in jail. His sentence was suspended to one year which he has spent wholly in solitary confinement. This is what happens to people in our community whose mere existence causes them undue harm and institutional oppression and further, become subjected to the prison industrial complex.

Levi writes, “Here in Virginia my [re-entry program] opportunities are very limited because of being trans. In this state I would not be able to enter into the men’s housing or women’s. So where most people can move into half-way house or programs, I am not allowed simply due to my being trans. This is a scary feeling. No home, money, very scary.” When Levi is finally released, he will have spent one full year in solitary confinement and leave literally with the clothes on his back.

This is why Wyatt and Sarah Jenny are coming to you — to our community — which is also Levi’s community to — to ask for your support. Levi put every penny into his move and with his parents long passed and no siblings, he literally has no support system without us. We ask that you be in solidarity with Levi and show him that he has a community to come home to when he gets out.


- Donate whatever you can today. Then re-post it to your Facebook, Twitter, and email it to ten friends.

- If you can’t afford to contribute, share it far and wide and ask others do the same and contribute if they can.

- Even $1 can help. If each person on our combined facebook friends donated $1 we would already be at $4556. Imagine if each donated $2!

- If you know of transitional housing opportunities or work opportunities for Levi, he has a masters degree in counseling and is very interested in getting involved in trans activism. He is in need of immediate housing starting on September 23rd. He would also ideally like to live by the ocean.


is to reach at least $5,000 for Levi. Levi has no support after being released, no place to live and no clear idea of where his next job will be, let alone his next meal or even bathroom to use. If you think about it, $5,000 is a small number when you need to relocate and have your basic needs met (food, shelter, clothes, etc.) We plan to be transparent with the money raised here and how it will be sent to him and the fees associated with that. If we can’t help one another, who will? Let’s show Levi that we are out here and that we care.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and for passing this on to as many people as you’re able.

In closing, Levi writes, “I can’t tell you how much this means to me. I really appreciate it. You have my blessings and thanks to go for it. Put it out there to the whole world.”


Doing it Again: In Depth

Tobi Hill Meyer’s new film project has met its initial fundraising goals, but still needs more money in order to meet goals related to captions (an important accessibility feature, folks!) and non-binary inclusion. Below is the blurb for this exciting project, excerpted from its Kickstarter page:

In the media lately, it seems like everyone gets to have their say about trans women’s sexuality. Everyone except trans women themselves.

This erotic documentary will explore the heart of the matter weaving together explicit scenes and interview footage from trans women and their partners.  I’ll be asking questions like: 

  • What dynamics influence how trans women connect and flirt with other people?
  • How do they communicate about their desires? 
  • What difficulties do they encounter? How do they overcome them?
  • How do relationships and hookups with other trans people differ from those with cis (non-trans) partners? 
  • How are trans women and their partners treated in the different communities in which they participate? 
  • How do intersecting identities, such as race, class, ability, and survivor status influence these things?

Stereotypes and prejudices around trans women’s sexuality influence public policy, access to healthcare, workplace discrimination, sexual harassment, “trans-panic” defenses in murder trials, and so much more.  Trans women are alternately portrayed as hypersexual, deceptive and predatory, or portrayed as desexualized and pathetic. The goal of this project is to create depictions of real humanity and allow trans women to take control over how their sexuality is portrayed.

Please go here and donate whatever you can to help this film reach its full potential.

San Francisco Women Against Rape (SFWAR) Needs Help!

I just got a call from an SFWAR volunteer who informed me that the organization is facing a $ 20,000.00 deficit and asking if I could make a $40.00 donation. I don’t have the money to spare right now, but I told her that I would be sure to donate as soon as I get my next paycheck.

Please donate something to SFWAR if you can, so that they can continue their awesome services such as their 24-hour crises hotline. This is an organization that has meant a lot to me in the past, and as some of you know I have been a yearly participant in their Walk Against Rape. For the most part I have found them to be a trans aware organization and knowing that their services are available in my city makes me feel that much safer for myself and my friends.

Thank you.

Online Consent Class Taught By Me — June 7th

Next Thursday at Noon I have been asked to teach this nifty little online class. The description is below:

What’s all the fuss about consent? What does ‘rape culture’ mean? How does abuse affect individuals and society? And how can people who love each other make sure their relationships are truly consensual and mutually fulfilling? This ninety minute class provides an overview of consent issues in society, followed by practical strategies for making your personal relationships more fulfilling, consensual and safe.

Instructor Asher Bauer believes that the personal is political, and that individuals practicing consensual, joyous sexuality can be an act of radical resistance to a pervasive climate of non-consent. Course will be taped and accessible later as a self-paced video class.

So that last sentence means that if you have interest in taking this later on but can’t afford to/don’t have time to do it next Thursday, you can take it later on because it will be videotaped. Anyone who might be interested in this can enroll here.


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